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Materialism permeates philosophy of mind. Yet, increasing difficulties are triggering dissent. William Hasker’s insightful yet underappreciated work in the philosophy of mind is representative. Hasker does not favor the recent turn toward non-reductive physicalism either. Rather, his argument from the unity of consciousness entails Substance Dualism. Additionally, Hasker maintains that the soul is an emergent substance, a view he calls Emergent Dualism. Hasker’s criticisms of materialism are formidable, and his unity of consciousness argument deserves considerable attention. Still, Emergent Dualism faces difficulties. I argue that Emergent Dualism is not more attractive than non-emergent versions of Substance Dualism as Hasker suggests. I raise several new problems for Emergent Dualism that non-emergent versions of Substance Dualism evade.

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