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“The Plausibility of Property Dualism and the Intelligibility of a Spiritual Substance: A Reply to Churchland”

With J. P. Moreland, in Christianity & Science in Dialogue, edited by Natalia Pecherskaya Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, forthcoming 2019. 


The philosophical and scientific community exhibits a growing commitment to physicalism regarding consciousness or its possessor. Indeed, some today question the very intelligibility of a purely spiritual substance whether it be God, angels or human/animal souls. Foundational to the intelligibility problem is the nature of consciousness and conscious states. One of the most ardent and consistent critics of a dualist construal of consciousness has been Paul Churchland, who continues to proffer the same arguments against property dualism. Many consider these arguments decisive. The central purpose of this article is to clearly state and defeat each of Churchland’s arguments

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