In the broadest sense, I am interested in the nature of human persons, what makes us flourish, how we can know such things, and how these things impact our relationship with God and each other. I also have interdisciplinary interests in psychology, neuroscience, and theology. I understand these specific issues in relation to the most fundamental questions about reality: What is real? What is a good life? How does one become good? How can we know reality?


My work is grounded in both metaphysical realism (the thesis that the objects, properties and relations of the world exist independently of our thoughts about them or our perceptions of them), and epistemological realism (the thesis that it is possible to obtain knowledge about mindā€independent reality).

Philosophy of Mind

Consciousness, the mind-body problem, intentionality, philosophy of psychology, how the nature of consciousness impacts and informs epistemology.


Ontology of human persons, the nature of the soul, embodiment, neo-Aristotelian metaphysics.


Evidence, interpersonal knowledge, introspection, knowledge by acquaintance, self-knowledge, moral knowledge.

Spiritual Formation

Developmental sanctification, philosophy of sanctification (especially the works of Dallas Willard).

Philosophy of Religion

Religious knowledge, divine hiddenness, natural theology, religious experience.

Work in


  • "An Enduring Problem for Biological Animalism"       

  • "Consciousness at the Foundations of Internalist Evidentialism"

  • “The Depth and Dynamics of the Human Soul: Dallas Willard’s Rejection of Soulless Sanctification"

  • "Varieties of Substance Dualism"

  • "Seeing Darkly: Divine Hiddenness, Cognitive Penetration, and the Hidden Self" 

  • "Physicalism Still Seems False: Cognitive Science and Explanatory Gap Seemings"

  • "Interpersonal Knowledge of Christ: On the Evidential Force of Sanctification"



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