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My Philosophy of Teaching

Vision: As a professor, I aim to cast a grand, truthful, and relevant vision of philosophy’s nature and value. I want my students to “buy in” to the great worth of philosophy. In each class I aim to model epistemic humility, eager hope, and genuine interpersonal concern.


Intent: With the vision set I help students form the intention to understand and examine life by focusing on the most fundamental and important questions.


Means: Part of my task is to help students learn the course’s subject matter. In addition, I aim to help students develop skills and habits that aid them in understanding, appreciating, and retaining the content we cover over the course of the semester. This includes intellectual and moral virtues, such as humility, and concern for truth, charity, and patience.

Teaching Evaluations

IDEA Course Evaluation Statistics
  • 4.5 out of 5, IDEA Summary Evaluation, Biola University

  • 4.6 out of 5, IDEA Summary Evaluation, Azusa Pacific University

Official IDEA Student Feedback Highlights

"One of the best classes I’ve taken at Biola. I have a roommate who is a philosophy major and he is impressed with what we are learning. Keep up the humor, it’s actually funny. My only regret is not scheduling office hours. I’m a better person because of this class."

"This professor has helped me to make more sense of the world around me and of the gospel. This class was extremely challenging, but it was also enjoyable and memorable. I have been stretched in ways unexpected. The use of visuals, images, and movies helped to make things more fun and difficult to forget."

"Best class I have ever taken, because it completely transformed my entire outlook on life, made me a better writer, taught me to think in ways that I never had before, and challenged me to carefully evaluate my beliefs. Truly a life-changing course. Also, my favorite teacher of all time."

"Rickabaugh was an excellent teacher. He pushed us hard and really engaged students during class. He is humble and patient and relays the material from this attitude. The material we covered answered many questions I struggled with. I feel more than equipped to answer the next questions."

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