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Creative Projects


Primary Philosophical Commitments   

  • Robust metaphysical realism: reality is objective.

  • Epistemological realism: reality is knowable.

  • Reality is unified and in need of integration.

  • Philosophy-done in the right way-can aid human flourishing.


Primary Philosophical Concerns   

  • The development of comprehensive, sophisticated, integrative models of the human person, especially the soul, and human and divine consciousness.

  • The development of objective tests for Christian characterological formative practices as publicly assessable knowledge.


Image by Quincy Follweiler
Digital brain floating in a cloud of numerical information illustrating the concepts of Bi

Neuroscience and the Soul

Coming Soon

_Metaverse technology, Hand of robot and human connected on network metaverse, Technologic

AI and the Reality of God

Coming Soon

Technology & Culture

Coming Soon

Image by Andrea De Santis
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