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I am a research fellow at Baylor University working on the Accountability as a Relational Virtue Project, the Fanz Brentano Metaphysics of Mind Fellow at the Cultura Project, and a former fellow of the SCP's Fellowship for Science Cross-Training (neuroscience).

I completed my Ph.D. in philosophy at Baylor University. My dissertation, The Conscious Mind Unified was co-directed by Timothy O'Connor, and Alexander Pruss, with committee members C. Stephen Evans, and Todd Buras, and neuroscientist Charles Weaver. 

I love teaching and see my scholarship as a natural means of collecting and clarifying my thoughts to effectively serve my students. In addition to teaching in Baylor's philosophy department, I've also taught philosophy at Biola University, and Azusa Pacific University.


My work focuses on the nature of consciousness and how it informs our understanding of human nature (metaphysics), though (epistemology), and moral psychology. I also have interests in the philosophy of religion, the philosophy of neuroscience, and the philosophy of mental health.


I love film, music, traveling, Indian food, great coffee, and learning new skills (currently woodworking). I've been playing various instruments for over 20 years, primarily the guitar. My wife, Laura (4th Grade Teacher), my daughters, Alyssia, and Willow, and my son, Sawyer, are my four most favorite people in the world.


brickabaugh (at)

Baylor University

Department of Philosophy

One Bear Place #97273 

Waco, TX 76798

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2017 Panel on Dualism and Physicalism

A lively, productive, and stimulating 3-hour panel on substance dualism and physicalism at the 2018 Evangelical Philosophical Society National Conference. We each presented a paper and then a response to the philosopher we were paired with.

Eric Olson, Richard Swinburne, Nancy Murphy, JP Moreland, Kevin Corcoran, and Brandon Rickabaugh Back Row: Jonathan Loose and Angus Menuge


Certainly a major highlight of my academic career! I can't imagine it getting much better than interacting with some of my philosophical heroes.

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