Brandon Rickabaugh Philosopher of Mind

I'm an author, public speaker, and Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Research Scholar of Public Philosophy at Palm Beach Atlantic University in Florida.

I also serve as the Franz Brentano Fellow at the Martin Institute for Christianity & Culture, and Research Fellow at EIDOS.

Main curiosities: I develop projects focused on understanding what the nature of consciousness reveals about: 

            Self   What are we?  

Knowledge   How do we know reality?

    Meaning   What makes for a meaningful life?

Technology   How can developing technology help or harm us?

           God    Can we know that God exists and how God relates to us?

    I also love robots and Indian food.


  • Named 2022 Early-Career Philosopher of Religion by Tyndale House, University of Cambridge.

  • Wiley-Blackwell to publish The Substance of Consciousness: A Comprehensive Defense of Substance Dualism, co-authored with J. P. Moreland (scheduled release, August 2023).

  • Delivered the 2022 Faith & Society Lecture at Ashland University

    • Video Available Here.​


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PhD, Philosophy

Baylor University - 2020

Dissertation: The Conscious Mind Unified


       *Awarded Outstanding Dissertation of the Year

Co-Directors: Timothy O'Connor & Alexander Pruss

Committee: C. Stephen Evans, Todd Buras, and

                    neuroscientist Charles Weaver III

MA, Philosophy

Baylor University - 2018

MA, Philosophy of Religion & Ethics

Biola University - 2013

BA, Philosophy

University of California, Irvine - 2010 


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  • The Substance of Consciousness: A Comprehensive Defense of Contemporary Substance Dualism. Wiley-Blackwell, forthcoming, August 2023.


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles



  • “Living Accountably: Accountability as a Virtue.” With C. Stephen Evans. International Philosophical Quarterly.



  • “Alister McGrath’s Anti-Mind-Body Dualism: Neuroscientific and Philosophical Quandaries for Christian Physicalism.” Trinity Journal. [download]



  • “The Primacy of the Mental: From Russellian Monism to Substance Dualism.” Philosophia Christi[download]

  • “Intentionality Contra Physicalism: On the Mind’s Independence from the Body.” With Dallas Willard. Philosophia Christi.


  • “The Sanctifying Work of the Holy Spirit: Revisiting Alston’s Interpersonal Model.” With Steve Porter. The Journal of Analytic Theology. [download]


  • “Responding to N. T. Wright’s Rejection of the Soul.” Heythrop Journal. [download]



  • “The Argument from Reason, and Mental Causal Drainage: A Reply to van Inwagen.” With Todd Buras. Philosophia Christi.[download]


  • “Natural Theology, Evidence, and Epistemic Humility.” With Trent Dougherty. European Journal for Philosophy of Religion.



  • “Who You Could Have Known: Divine Hiddenness, Epistemic Counterfactuals, and the Recalcitrant Nature of Natural Theology.” With Derek McAllister. International Journal for Philosophy of Religion. [download]



  • “What Does it Mean to Be a Bodily Soul?” With C. Stephen Evans. Philosophia Christi. [download]



  • “Eternal Life as Knowledge of God: An Epistemology of Knowledge by Acquaintance and Spiritual Formation.” Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care. [download]

Book Chapters


  • “Virtue Formation and The Sanctifying Work of the Holy Spirit.” With Steven L. Porter. Faith and Virtue Formation. Oxford University Press.


  • “Dismantling Bodily Resurrection Arguments Against Mind-Body Dualism.” Christian Physicalism? Rowman & Littlefield.


  • “Neuroscience, Spiritual Formation, and Bodily Souls: A Critique of Christian Physicalism.” With C. Stephen Evans. Christian Physicalism? Rowman & Littlefield. [download]

Work in Progress


  • What is Consciousness? A New Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind

  • The Conscious Person Unified: On Subjects of Phenomenal Unity


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Positions Held


  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow 

    • Accountability as a Relational Virtue. Baylor University, 2020-2021.

  • Graduate Research Fellow 

    • SCP Science Cross-Training (neuroscience). John Tempelton Foundation, 2018-2019.

Teaching Positions

  • Baylor University

    • Teacher of Record, 2018-2020.

  • Azusa Pacific University

    • Instructor of Philosophy, 2013-2015. 

  • Biola University

    • Instructor of Philosophy, 2014-2015.


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Public Facing Philosophy


  • "The Practice of Discernment: Ignatian Help During a Modern Pandemic." [link]

  • "COVID-19 and a Christian Epistemology of the Heart."




  • The Importance of the Philosophy of Mind for the Philosophy of Religion [link]

  • Unity of Phenomenal Consciousness Arguments Against Physicalism [link]

  • Unity of Consciousness Arguments Against Panpsychism & Emergentism [link]

  • Substance Dualism & Bodily Souls [link]

Audio Lectures​​

  • Consciousness and Cosmic Fine-Tuning [link]
  • Seeking Darkly: Divine Hiddenness and the Hidden Self [link]
  • Dismantling Bodily Resurrection Objections to Mind-Body Dualism [link]
  • Naturalism and the Mental Problem of Causal Drainage: Filling a Gap in the Argument from Reason [link]

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Research Archives

The Argument from Consciousness to Theism [link]

The Argument from Reason to Theism [link]

Divine Hiddenness [link]

Philosophy & Christian Spiritual Formation [link]

Philosophy of Technology [link] Coming Soon